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Breakout! 2009

Funded by Milford Haven Port Authority and Arts and Business Partnerships, Breakout! was Torch Theatre and Joon Dance's first joint community program. Joon Dancers went into Pembrokeshire schools offering free workshops and taught hundred's of children accross the county. This was followed up by a summer school and the young participants performed in a mixed bill along with pieces from the professional company. 

Breakout 2011

Funded by Dragon LNG, Breakout 2011 was a development on the 2009 project, taking into account feedback from parents and teachers. Joon Dancers went into Pembrokeshire schools again, including some new ones, and ran a summer school. The summer school featured expert break dance teachers. 


In the years since Joon have successfully run the annual summer school. It has become a staple of cultural life for many young people in the county, and some adults, and produced numerous incredible shows. For details on upcoming summer schools see our workshops page

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