Play The Game

Play The Game was a development of the Breakout Projects and involved a schools tour of breakdance, contemporary and creative workshops followed by a performance intensive (Summer School) at the Torch Theatre

There was a duet version for the schools tour and a longer version for four dancers. In addition to performances in schools and at the Torch Theatre alongside the summer school, Play The Game was shown at Arts Care Gofal Celf's D14 Festival, Kinetics Release The Movement and Wales Dance Platform 2014. 

Play The Game was designed for children aged 7-12 and was a huge success as both a performance and project, developing new audiences and participants for dance in Pembrokeshire. Venues across Wales were interested in a tour of Play The Game in association with Creu Cymru but sadly the funds could not be raised to support it. It did how ever position Joon Dance as a significant contributor to dance for young people in Wales.