A different way to Gather / Ffordd wahanol i Casglu

We had so hoped to be re-launching this Easter with our favourite spring activity- dancing outdoors! But as you know restrictions in Wales are still fairly narrow and we simply cannot guarantee we can meet safely for now. So, instead of cancelling yet again, we invite you to go out alone or in your household group and greet spring through movement and creativity. And to help, we’ve got a short audio / written invitation…

  • Find a spot to move, perhaps you go there a lot and feel comfortable there, or perhaps it’s somewhere you want to explore.

  • What can you see? What shapes / lines / undulations are there in the landscape. Trace them with your body in movement and/or take them into your body

  • What can you feel? What textures might inform your dance?

  • Can you have an impact on your place some how like tracing shapes in the sand or imprinting on the earth? Please take care not to damage any wildlife or habitats

  • Can your place impact you? The wind may buffet you or nearby water might flow, causing your movement in response.

  • What can you hear? Let the sounds of your environment become your soundtrack

  • We'd love to hear about/share in your experience. If you'd like to, write and tell us how you found it, where you went or anything you noticed. Or if you'd like to share with us a photo or video of your place/your dance. You can send it to us or share it on social media and tag us @joondanceco using the hashtag #gathercasglu

This invitation is made free of charge, if you enjoy it and you are able, please donate a little something. Your donation will support the future of Joon Dance. 

Gather/Casglu 2021Zosia Jo
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