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Spring Gather/Casglu

We ran Spring Gather successfully in 2017, 2018 and 2019, with intergenerational groups of local people exploring the Pembrokeshire landscape through creative movement. We continue to support Holy Hiatus with their annual Big Flock project and are bringing Spring Gather/Casglu back in 2024!

Spring Gather is a three day intergenerational outside workshop. We will split into groups, enjoying exploring the landscape and responding to it. The first day will be in the fields, the second day at the beach with a Big Flock, then the third day in the woods with a performance from Joon dance collective. Dates below

30th May - 1st June

Cost: £50    Concession and sibling discount : £40

To join for just the flock at 5.30 on the 31st May we ask for a donation of £2. 

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