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Nourishment Sessions

Nourishment Sessions 

Nourishment Sessions is a strand of our Roots and Branches project this year, that is dedicating some time for shared practice amongst the Joon Dance team. These sessions are to aid us as artists, and in our facilitation on this project by allowing us to continue exploring, informing, workshopping and sharing our dance practices. 


As part of these sessions, we are inviting artists to facilitate a morning practice for us to start our day and opening them up to other local movers to join us for this time. We’re excited to add to our experience through the practice of other artists and moving and connecting with more people! 


Our first Nourishment Session is on the 17th of March. 

We will have an open class with Anushiye Yarnell (see below for more info and class description)

Class will be between 10:00 and 11:30

It will be at Ardour Academy, on Wellfield Road in Cardiff 

The space will be open from 9:30

Price: £5


Thank you Ardour Academy for the studio space and thanks to Arts Council of Wales for funding this project!

Open Class with
Anushiye Yarnell

Sunday 17th March 10:00 -11:30

Navigating through Pattern and Play...

open to those with a curiosity for moving from sensing and perception. 


AN ARRAY OF OPPOSITES draws upon evolutionary/involutionary developmental resonance and other forms of animal/ plant and other life. 

Attuning through an "Array of Opposites”, we will navigate a dance to reconfigure ourselves perceptually

-as symmetrical & asymmetrical, thinking & feeling organisms.

-through continuity & discontinuity.

-shapeshifting between the transformative impressions and sensual mutations between forms.

We will channel spectrums and spectres of our subjective/ objective perceptions- combining dance, dialogue, voice, drawing and writing. How can we inhabit our lives and bodies through a survival which navigates through the complexities of symbiotic relationship rather than adverse reactions of flight, freeze or flight.


We will channel a personally responsive dance to inhabit the “quest” in the question.

Sometimes we hear it said:

"On the spectrum"

Yet it is not simply a spectrum between improvisation and composition, between somatically responsive and choreographed specificity.

“Opposition is True Friendship” - William Blake.

Anushiye Yarnell is an interdisciplinary dancemaker and artist. Her work draws on personal experience, past and future mythologies, and the intersections of dream and fantasy realms within ordinary life. Unravelling the complexity, contradiction, and entanglement inherent to life, at once beautiful and difficult, ephemeral, fallible, sensory, cellular, temporal. Inhabiting questions about life – including death, humanity, the animal and divine, love, and the polarities of survival – generated through personal, interpersonal, and participatory contexts. 


In 2022 Yarnell began Syllabus of Darkness an intergenerational secular Sunday school, unravelling ‘darkness’ as a material, metaphor, medium and lived experience. 


Photo Credits 

Noel Dacey 

Performance with Katz Mulk Experimentica 2019 

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