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Fabulous Animals 
on screen

As part of the Fabulous Animals project three films were made, each led by a different dance artist. Each person drew on the Fabulous Animals embodied score. The result is three distinct films capturing where the practice met their own current artistic work. 

This online screening is available until August 31st


A search for that for that place, to let everything be and to let everything go. Whatever that everything is. 

Created, performed and edited by Gemma Prangle, music by Ed Richardson, costume and props by Ruth Stringer, videography by Zosia Jo. 


‘I want the animation to somehow inspire in others at least a hint of a sense of an irrepressible life force running through everything’.

Initiated by somatic dance that moved onto paper; inspired by inner animal beings, a garden blackbird friend and the dawn chorus, Spectra explores cycles of life, death and re-birth through a series of repetitions, variations and developments. 

Celebrating child like innocence, homespun-ness and lo-fi aesthetics, the film belies its complex and painstaking construction: imagery, hand drawn and coloured on a pegboard constructed by a local carpenter and animated on a hand made rostrum made from an old frame and tin cans, are complemented by the soundtrack, created from analogue synth loops, sighs, whistles and field recordings overlaid by samples from a specially composed melody

By Jo Shapland. Final edit by Jo Shapland and Jake Whittaker, who collaborated on the soundtrack, bringing in Piers Partridge’s specially composed melody.

De Riva Mumma

A short dance film unravels as Krystal Dawn Campbell embodies the form of a mermaid, skilfully weaving movement and imagery to challenge beauty expectations, defy conventional norms, and break free, celebrating the raw and authentic essence of individuality through her graceful rebellion.

Created and performed by Krystal Campbell. Costume design Ruth Stringer. Music Acouchristo. Videography and edit by Zosia Jo. 

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